Bed time Reflection

The longer the wait, the more anxious I become on whether the movie will finally get sponsors and approvals from relevant authorities. And I do need a strong nod from the PM himself for this movie project. I just hope that the last one year (of course plus the money) invested for this movie project has not been wasted. Well, on a positive side I have at least made new friends and gained new experiences. I had more in my mind when I first thought of writing the movie and to be frank I was looking to make some money out of it. Insya’Allah, I hope Allah S.W.T will make my dreams come true. Amin.

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Learning 3.0

I reckon that there should be learning 1.0 and 2.0 before learning 3.0. In order for me to have an idea of what learning 3.0 is all about,  first I have to find out what learning 1.0 and 2.0 are.

Well, learning 1.0 is the pioneer step in applying information technology into learning. This is the period when exploiting information technology into learning was only available to fortunate few.

We have advanced far since learning 1.0. Learning 2.0 is synonymous to the use of collaborative learning or social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Users also have the opportunity to experience multimedia by way of voice, video, and text generated content. This is where we are currently. All over, we can see people form all walks of life carrying their laptops or PDA to get connected to places offering wi-fi and hot-spot services. That being said, the poor availability of internet connection serves as a big hindrance to realizing learning 2.0.

Learning 3.0 is a step ahead where learners will make use of the ubiquitous nature of handheld devices.  Handheld devices (smartphones, tablet PC) have been made more affordable and equipped with much more features these past few years. This observation combined with the availability of the internet almost everywhere provide a strong platform for learning 3,0 to take place. Sharing of information has never been made so easy and affordable.

Learning 3.0 does has its disadvantage.  Issue of information reliability should be addressed properly as virtually anyone can post information and opinion over the internet without any censorship. The use of mislead information can hace dangerous consequences in the future. Communication between students and teachers are also limited to communication using artificial interfaces. This can raise the issue regarding development of one’s communication skills and soft skills.

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GE6663:Reflection for week 12

The picture above very much describes how I felt the first time the word ‘wordpress’ was mentioned during the class.  I’m not IT savvy and I don’t like to write to share my thoughts or opinions on what is going on in this world plus I had very limited knowledge on what ‘WordPress’ is all about let alone trying to have my own wordpress account. That being said, I do have Facebook account and I enjoy using Facebook. LOL!

Dr Rosseni started the class by reminding us that we are going to be evaluated and hence today’s class is going to come with an assignment which carries 20% of our total mark. I believe no people would like to be evaluated, but that is just how thing works nowadays. I, for one believe that evaluation should be made as less-threatening to the students as possible. I was sighing a sigh of relief when Dr Rosseni made it clear that the assignment will be carried out together in the class.

Dr Rosseni and Along started off by going through a great deal of trouble trying to get all the students to sign up to wordpress. No, it’s not us who caused the trouble, it’s the internet, the JUCN (Japan-US Cable Network) which had been hit hard by the recent earthquake that rocked Japan. It took us half an hour just to have everyone signed up to wordpress and then there was another problem, a number of students who were late for the class kept on entering the class and my sympathy goes to Dr Rosseni and Along who had to repeat their instructions to every student who just turned up for the class. 🙂

Now I’m done with the signing up process and it’s official that I now have a ‘wordpress’ account. Dr Rosseni and Along then spent another 90 minutes teaching us on how to post a topic, create pages in our ‘wordpress’ account, create categories and lastly how to link our wordpress account to our friends’ ‘wordpress’ account.

Hmmmm…..What do I think of ‘wordpress’? I’ll give 3 stars for user-friendliness and 4 stars for utilizability. One could really benefit fom ‘wordpress’ by exploiting its’ practicality and usability when it comes to putting mobile-learning and student-centered learning philosophy into practice. Had ‘wordpress’ been able to make its’ interface more user-friendly, Mark Zuckenberg would be scratching his head in dilemma on whether to sell his Facebook company or not.

Just my two cents….:)



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